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We are specialized in infotainment, storytelling and branded content for digital platforms.

We think strategy. We create ideas. We get it done. We measure, learn and adapt.

We are experienced in both digital and traditional editorial workflows and we love helping others to build and develop their own earned inhouse channels. We work in close partnerships and take agile responsibility where it is needed. We can provide deep knowledge from format developing and production to technical solutions.

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Reaching out to an audience is more difficult than ever, YouTube alone publishes 500 hours of viewing each minute.

That's why we need great stories combined with strong distribution.

We love companys that need to change how they are perceived and taking new corps from no brand land to brand land.

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We provide films, presentations, vr, 360, interviews, infographics, live productions, serials and programmes.

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We create stories on all platforms from social media, broadcast, cinema to hololens.


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Jan Axelsson, CEO & Video strategist
+4670-685 14 44

Jennie Tinderfjäll - Producer & Project manager
+4670-365 96 90

Arvid Sundqvist - Technical operations & Creative director
+4670-518 44 23